Special Requests for Summer 2021/ Link to Personal Dashboard

Please reply to this topic if you wish to change any entry in your application and it cannot be done via the personal dashboard link sent to you. We will try our best to process your requests but it is unlikely that we can accommodate change requests beyond what is made available through the dashboard.

A link to your personal dashboard has been sent via email to all students and junior professionals who have been accepted in the first phase. The email is from the mentorchains domain. Please check your email thoroughly and reply to this post only if you are absolutely sure that you have not received the email.

Any request for customized offer letters can also be done by replying to this later. Again, we cannot guarantee that we will have the bandwidth to process such requests.

Hello, I applied as Machine Learning but I want to switch to Full Stack as I am familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, I would like to further my knowledge in Full Stack Development. Is it too late to do this?

Hi Neel, I can do the change, we have space in FS. Your dashboard should reflect this change shortly.

Thank you so much.

Hello, I applied to Machine Learning at first but now I’m more interested in Full Stack and would be delighted to learn more. Can you change my pathway to Full Stack?