SPAM/ Hack warning - Please read

People are receiving this message.

"Hi (name), I need you to do something for me, reply with your direct cell number.

Debaleena Das"

This message is NOT from me. Thank you @Mqureshi10 for alerting me to this scam. Glad that you noticed that the message was sent to an email that you have not shared with STEM-Away!

Do block the email address and/or phone number of the person sending these messages.

Leads, please let your team know. Thank you!!



Thank you for letting us know! I also received this and promptly deleted/blocked it. Appreciate the heads up.

Thanks for letting us know.

FYI team @FS-Team2-June1

++ @FS-Team3-June1, @FS-Leads-Summer2020

Hi Jonah, Can you think of how the spammers may have got your email? You did not share it openly anywhere on this platform, I have checked that. We have traced some cases back to emails available on LinkedIn. I am trying to get the full picture.


Hi Debaleena, I hope you’re well. To answer your question - I’m truly not sure. I can see how it may have been LinkedIn, through which my email (personal) is attached, but since I cannot speak definitively, I don’t want to throw anything out for sure. In agreement with your point, I don’t believe it had anything to do with this forum since I have not shared my personal details. If I think of anything else, I will be sure to let you know. Thank you for reaching out. Please enjoy your night!


Thanks for the reply Jonah. If you are not sure, that is fine. I am seeking definitive data only as in “the email that received the spam is an open email on social media xxx”. If there is a pattern to the replies, I can better alert students. We cannot stop such spams. All orgs are subject to such spams. I was hoping we could fly under the radar for some more time!