SkopeAI Voting, Feedback and Reward Guide

Your opinion matters! Help us identify the most relevant skills, job titles, and companies by voting using the guide below.

:key: Voting Guide

To cast your vote for a skill or job title or company, click on the thumbs up icon to reveal all emoji options:
Emoji Category Skills Job Titles Companies
:+1: General Interest For skills you have a general interest in. For job titles you find appealing or relevant. For companies you respect or are interested in.
:seedling: Foundational For skills you view as foundational. For job titles that form the backbone of an industry. For companies that are fundamental in their sector.
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Transferability For skills you believe hold value across diverse domains. For job titles that apply across industries. For companies known for valuing a spectrum of skills.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Emergent For skills you see as rapidly growing in relevance. For emerging job titles that are gaining traction. For companies that are on the rise or innovating rapidly.
:classical_building: Legacy For skills you believe have stood the test of time. For job titles that have been consistent and long-standing. For companies with a rich history and enduring impact on their industry.

Note: If more than one category seems to apply, pick the one that you feel is the strongest match. If unsure, the first category (Thumbs Up) is the safest choice.

Skills receiving the highest votes (over all categories) will advance into our solution pipeline.

:pencil2: Feedback Guide

For additional feedback, please reply with specific skills, job titles or companies and use the hashtags below to categorize your feedback:
Hashtag Skills Job Titles Companies
#synonym To suggest a synonymous skill. To suggest a synonymous job title. To suggest a comparable company.
#adjacent To highlight closely related skills. To highlight closely related job titles. To highlight companies in a similar domain.
#pre To suggest skills typically learned before this one. To indicate roles generally held before this job title. To mention companies typically looking for entry-level talent.
#post To recommend skills usually pursued after this one. To highlight roles generally taken on after this job title. To point out companies typically looking for senior roles.

When providing feedback, use the appropriate hashtag followed by -skill, -role, or -company based on the category of your feedback. For example, to suggest a synonymous skill, you would use synonym-skill.

Simply start your feedback with the # symbol. If the reference is already in our database, it will autofill. If it’s not, we’ll review and consider adding it in the future.

:tada: Reward System

Your insights are invaluable to STEM-Away’s growth and direction. We’ve designed a reward system that acknowledges your active participation and contributions.

:star: Immediate Rewards (Launch Special):

  • Participate in our launch by updating your profile and upvoting skills and projects of interest. Unlock up to 6 months of premium membership based on your engagement.

:high_brightness: Golden Voter Rewards:

  • Every 3 months, we recognize voters whose trends align with our golden set, offering them extended membership benefits and spotlighting their profiles. Continuous contributions can even promote you to the esteemed golden set of voters!

Stay active, share your insights, and earn rewards! Dive deeper into our reward system. Click here to learn more.

Participate in shaping our understanding of skills, job titles and companies! Vote, provide feedback, and see how your insights can earn rewards.

Community contributions will be analyzed and factored into our subsequent update. Your active participation and feedback aren’t just entries on a platform; they’re shaping the very future of STEM. Stay engaged, and let’s make a difference together!