Shadow opportunity with UX Teams 2 & 4 for the week of 07/06

Please choose this opportunity only if you are super interested in UX.
First 4 to reply are in. (2 per team)

Hi, I am interested in this opportunity!


@AntonyGeorgiadis @Saloni_Shah: Could you include Ivy in your team meetings. If she needs a mentorchains account, let me know.

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We would be happy to.

@IvyTong2001 We’ll send you information for the meetings next week alongside a brief overview of where we are at in the process.

Hi @IvyTong2001
Welcome to our team.
As Antony mentioned; We’ll brief you up

I’m interested!

I am also interested!

Great, thank you so much! Will you be sending the information through my mentorchains account?

Hi Michelle, have added you to the leads group. Please follow the conversations there.

Hi @Tuhina_Dasgupta, can you add @SurKali to your meetings. Thanks!

for sure!

Thank you!

Hello! I’m not sure if this opportunity is closed now, but I see that only 3 people have replied so far. I am also interested!