A reminder of how to complete self-assessments:

  1. Create a topic in your team’s category (eg. BI-Team1-July2020)

  2. Title the topic ‘[Your Name] - Bioinformatics Pathway - Self-Assessment’

  3. Add at least 5 tags, including #self-assessment (examples: #bioinformatics #teamwork, #quality-control #dge-analysis, #functional-analysis …etc.)

  4. Your first self-assessment in this topic will be based on Week 3 (July 20 - DGE Analysis)

  5. Please address the following points:

  • Concise overview of thing learned (technical, tools and soft skills)
  • Three achievements
  • List of meetings attended including social meetings
  • Goals for the upcoming week
  • Detailed statement of tasks completed - specifically challenges and how those challenges were overcome.
  1. ‘Reply’ to your topic with subsequent self-assessments.

You are required to complete five self-assessments (including the self-assessment you completed in your application to this internship).

If you have already completed your self-assessments, please edit them to match the above format.
If you have any questions regarding self-assessments, post them below.
Thank you!