Self-Assessments for July teams

All leads who are familiar with the program have done an amazing job getting their teams started on the self-assessments. Thank you very much!

Special kudos to FS Team 1. All participants have covered the required details in an elegant and concise way and the posts are very nicely formatted.

Introducing self-assessments to leads new to STEM-Away:
  • Self-assessments are due by end of day Tuesday. We start with self-assessments as soon as the teams have settled down into the program. I belive all teams have settled down by now.

  • 1st self-assessment: Each team member creates a post in their team channel/ catgeory on STEM-Away. Post title = {name} - {Pathway ex Full Stack} - Self Assessment

  • Subsequent self-assessments are added as replies to the 1st post.

This post evolves into the STEM-Away Virtual-Internship Certificate. Please encourage your team to put in their best efforts!

Self-Assessment format: (This format is used in several companies and helps to track progress and set goals for the next sprint.

  • Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills
  • Three achievement highlights
  • List of meetings/ training attended including social team events
  • Goals for the upcoming week.
  • Detailed statement of tasks done. State each task, hurdles faced if any and how you solved the hurdle.

Note to all leads:

Please make sure that each participant is creating their own separate self-assessment post and subsequent self-assessments are added as replies to the participant’s first post.

An addition in this session: Please ask your team to tag their self-assessments with the technical skills and soft skills displayed in that post. (Tags can be added to replies by using # )

A list of suggested tags per pathway will be posted in this category by EOD 08/04. Current posts can be edited to add tags.

Sample format:

Week: {Starting date of week being covered}

Overview of Things Learned:

Technical Area:


Soft Skills:

Achievement Highlights

Meetings attended

Goals for the Upcoming Week

Tasks Done

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Sure @ddas, we shall inform respective people. Dear @ML-July6-P, please take a look.

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Please note: Self-assessments are required for observers as well.

@UX-Team1-July2020 Please note this announcement and update your Self Assessments. They will become your internship certificate!