Self Assessment 3

Summarization of Full-Session:
Technical Overview:
I have learned and used new techniques such as Web-Scrapping using Selenium Web-driver then did Data-Processing using Pandas DataFrame.
After making final data we have used DistilBERT Pre-trained Model for training the raw data before applying any classification model.
Then after, we created the tensors and applied the classification model to get the accuracy of the model. We got accuracy ~85% using Logistic-Regression.

Technologies & Tools learned and applied

  • Web scrapping – Selenium WebDriver
  • Data Processing – Pandas
  • ML Algorithm
  • DistilBERT
  • Google COLAB

Soft Skills learned and applied

  • Collaboration
  • Team player
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • Communication

Challenges Faced:
As I was new to the web-scrapping part I have struggled a bit but eventually resolved all issues by getting help from other team members.