Self Assessment 3- Tushar Agrawal

Overview of thing learned
Technical: I got to learn the implementation of distilBERT. Then I used distilBERT for training text for posts classification.
Tools: I learned to use the transformers package of python.
Soft Skills: I got to work on a team project which helped me learn teamwork, discussing ideas within members, effective communication.

Achievement highlights

  1. Successfully implemented distilBERT for post classification.
  2. Achieved accuracy of 83.5% for classification.
  3. Got to know and worked with some awesome people.

List of meetings/training attended
Meetings :

  1. distilBERT modeling.
  2. Subteam presentations.

Goals for upcoming weeks

  1. Continue for 3 more weeks.
  2. Learn React.
  3. Improve model.
  4. Deploy model using AWS.

Tasks Done

  1. Task: Preprocess data
    Hurdles: The model was giving errors.
    Checked the data and found some null values. Dropped those NaN values and then model worked well.
  2. Task : Implemented distilBERT.
    Hurdles: Colab crashing because of the large size of the input to tensor.
    Had to reduce the size of tokens to 150.
  3. Task: Classified trained data and tried various classifiers.
    Hurdles: None