Self Assessment 3 - Nicholas Miller

Full Session Assessment:

Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills:

Technical: Throughout the full session, I have learned how to web scrape and process data as well as implement natural language processing using a pre-trained model and apply a classification model.


  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Asana
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Pandas Python Library
  • DistilBERT

Soft Skills: The soft skills I developed and enhanced were effective communication and collaboration within a team.

Three achievement highlights:

  1. Successfully scraped Amazon Sellers Form using Selenium.

  2. Used Pandas to format and process scraped data.

  3. Learned and implement DistilBERT in conjunction with a classification model to classify the data.

List of meetings/ training attended including social team events

Team Meetings: 6/1 6/2, 6/9, 6/13, 6/16, 6/20, 6/27, 6/30

Training Sessions / Webinars: Git Webinar (6/5), Python Training 1 (6/6), Python Training 2 (6/16)

Detailed statement of tasks done. State each task, hurdles faced if any and how you solved the hurdle. You need to clearly mark whether the hurdles were solved with the help of training webinars, some help from project leads or significant help from project leads.

Task 1: GSuite, Slack, Asana, and GitHub Setup

  • Task 1 Hurdles: Complications with the GSuite account not being setup that were solved with the help of the project leads.

Task 2: Used selenium and pandas to scrape data from the Amazon Seller Form in the Amazon Custom category.

  • Task 2 Hurdles: Had trouble selecting specific elements on the webpage. I was able to solve the problem by collaborating with my teammates and pondering on it.

Task 3: Exported the scraped data to a CSV file.

  • Task 3 Hurdles: I was able to complete this task without any notable hurdles.

Task 4: Learn about BERT and DistilBERT as well as attempt implementation

  • Task 4 Hurdles: The usage of BERT and how it worked were at first very confusing to me and entirely new concepts. I overcame this initial confusion by reviewing the recorded lesson and seeking external resources.