Seeking volunteers from June Sessions (individuals/groups) to host office hours for July participants

Looking for volunteers to host office hours in the first two weeks (07/06 and 07/13)
If you are willing to help out, please reply with

  • Date & Time of Availability
  • Pathway (Bioinformatics, FS, ML, UX) or Project Management (Forum, Gusite, Asana)
  • Details of what you will cover

(Please state your time in PDT so that I can enter upload all meetings into gcal or calendly without having to do conversions/ going crazy :))

As an example:

  • 07/07 at 10 am PDT
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Scraping

I will add a list of items per pathway that need to be covered. But in general, think of your tasks from the first 10 days, that is pretty much what needs to be covered.

We appreciate your help. Your contributions will be recorded in your certificates.

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Hello Debaleena,

I would be happy to volunteer from 10 am til 11 am PDT, Monday-Thursday, going over Project Management and if needed, I can help with Full-Stack. I can go over slack utilization and asana tools.

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Hi Debaleena,

I can volunteer to host office hours in the first two weeks.

Mon - Friday 7-9am PST or 5-7pm PST
Bioinformatics Pathway

I can go over the following:

  • R
  • Introduction and Advanced Python
  • Any of the tools including: Slack, Google Drive, Asana, Stem-Away Website
  • How to read a scientific paper
  • How to download or use Jupyter Notebook
  • Github

Thank you so much Jeremy for kicking this off! Are you volunteering for one day or for the full 2 weeks (either is fine)


Thank you Priscilla for the very generous offer and the breadth of topics covered!


I can do the second week. I’m open pretty much, if i am needed more just let me know. I wanted to allow some others the opportunity too. :slight_smile:

Sounds good :). I will include your name for the 2nd week. Thanks again!!

Hi @ddas,

  • Weeks 1&2 - Mon, Tues, Thurs - 11am-12pm PDT
  • Project Management and/or UX*
  • Gsuite, STEM-Away platform navigation
  • How to conduct user surveys/interviews and how to create personas
  • Design Thinking and Principles of Design

*I will be in the BI Pathway but happy to help with UX in office hours as I have many presentations and resources to share :+1:

Thank you for making this opportunity available to us, I would be delighted to share my knowledge with fellow interns!

Hi Debaleena,

I can host office hours in the first week.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 am PDT.

General: Forum Navigation, GSuite, Slack, Asana, Common Queries

FullStack: Discourse installation on a local machine, Plugin Installation, Working with a local discourse instance, Resource Sharing

Excited to meet the new interns and learn with them. :innocent:

Thank you @Sarahrp and @Vrinda_Jain. You are making a difference.

Thanks too for the itemization of tasks for UX and FS. That is exactly what is needed!

Hi @ddas,
I can volunteer to host office hours in the first week.
Mon-Fri 9:30-10:30PM PDT or 10AM-11AM PDT

I can cover the following things :
ML : Intro to ML, Web Scraping, How to use Jupyter Notebook, Github

Thank you @Akanksha_Singh! That will be very helpful!

Hi @ddas,
Please note that I have updated my office hours in my previous reply.
I am flexible to alter as needed - I simply picked specific times for ease of organising.
Thank you.

Hello @ddas

I can host office hours for both weeks (Monday to Thursday) at 9:30 A.M. PDT

I can go over the following things:

General: Slack, Asana, Github, Gsuite, StemAway forum navigation

Machine Learning Pathway: Introduction to Jupyter notebooks & Google colab, Getting started with python, Introduction to web scraping, How to work with discourse forums.

Looking forward to meeting new applicants :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Pavitra_Walia! Machine Learning has a significant ramp up. Deeply appreciate the help from Akanksha and you!

This will also allow Priscilla to focus more on Bioinformatics!

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Hi @Sarahrp, Noted. And I will check once with all of you before posting the office hours in one place.

Hi @ddas,

If you still need help, I can do some office hours
Date and time: Tuesdays (07.07 and 14.07) 11:30am - 12:30pm PDT
Pathway: ML
Support Q&A:

  • Roles of members in a team: lead, participant and observer
  • Share experience with leads to conduct the project (how to collaborate and not to overlap the tasks/roles among leads, how to engage with team members to keep track the workflow).
  • a walkthrough ML pathway and maybe some info about its connection to other pathways

PS: You can connect me with some leads who need support at the first stage.

Hope to motivate friends at the start,

Thank you very much Khanh. This perspective will be very useful to new leads!

Hi @ddas, I volunteer to host office hours in the first week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 11:00am and 2:00pm PDT.

Pathway: Full Stack



  • Forum Navigation
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Full Stack:

  • Discourse installation on a local machine (Linux OS users, Ubuntu precisely)
  • Installation of Windows alongside with Ubuntu (Dual Boot) for those that have Windows OS versions that doesn't support discourse installation.
  • Git Basics.
  • Plugins installation on local discourse instance.
  • Sharing of resources related to FS

However, if need be, I am available outside the days I picked both first and second week, except 3:00pm to 2:00am daily.

Hello Debaleena,

I am happy to volunteer during these times:

  • 7/6,7/10,7/13,7/17 (Mondays and Fridays during the two weeks) at 7-8am PDT
  • Full Stack: Discourse installation, plugin installation, Git basics
  • General: Navigating STEM-Away, Sana, Slack, set-up of G-suite