Seeking volunteers for 1-1 (or group) mentoring to help new users understand the program

We don’t have the bandwidth to do additional info sessions for new users.

Seeking volunteers for 1-1 (or group) mentoring to help new users understand the program. We will acknowledge you on our site and social media as well as add the mentoring details to your STEM-Away certificate.

If you wish to do a group mentoring session, start a topic here announcing the session, use the “add event” to add the date & time that you are available and optionally mention the issues you can help with. You may also send us the details and we will post it for you.

If you are volunteering for 1-1 sessions, please reply to this thread and we will match you with new users.

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Would this be to explain what STEM-Away is, walk them though the site, and explain how the program works? I am happy to help with some 1-1’s in the evening if so.

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Hi @Melissa, Thank you so much! You are an awesome mentor and team-player!

The way you are answering queries on the platform is already very helpful.

Some people may need 1-1 help. But how do we even reach out to them? It is very unlikely that we will be able to reach them through a post. Any thoughts?

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Thank you :slight_smile: I was about to offer the teammate a quick zoom chat if they are still having difficulties after another message or two, and sharing a screen shot.

We could have people volunteer for office hours on a weekly basis. Or list a help e-mail that volunteers have access to, and can properly tag the issues that they are working on with their assigned color.

That is a great idea! Having an email specifically to help June 1st applicants will overcome the hurdle of requiring totally new users to have some degree of familiarity with the platform to be able to seek help.

And much as I am against sending broadcast emails, I will send one more out to all applicants.

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I am happy to help with this also!

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I am a new user and I would really like to understand how the platform works as I am very keen on participating in the program.
Please let me know how can we schedule a 1-1 meeting or even if I get an email address to send my questions that would be helpful too.

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Thank you @Sarahrp. We are very glad to have you on the platform!

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Hello @Ayat Welcome to the platform! We were doing info sessions on a weekly basis, you just missed the last one. However, our student ambassadors @melissa and @shreyas have picked up the baton. I believe they are planning another session soon!


Thank you for your quick response, could you please tell me where do I find the link to join one of these sessions?

Hey @ddas
I’m happy to help as well. On-boarding newer members can be quite a task. I could take up 1-1 sessions to help out as well.
I could also help @Melissa and @shreyas, if they need me on those weekly sessions.

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Thank you @Vrinda_Jain! Are you open to hosting an office hour to help new participants? If so, we could post it here as well in the FS group. I am thinking a max of 7 people.

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@ddas sure!! Always up for such sessions.
You can set me up for an office hour either 10 - 11pm IST (which is 9:30-10:30 am PDT) or 9 - 10 am IST (which is 8:30-9:30 pm PDT).
I think 7-10 is a fairly manageable number.
Depending on the number of candidates and corresponding time zones, I could set up both office hours on alternate days.

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@Melissa @stemaway i need 1-1 session because i do not understand how this platform works.
i have been added in the ML team as an observer and i don’t even know the difference between participant and observer,
i really want to work in project but
Stem away - please make me understand how this platform work before the internship get started in 1 june.
Do help me ASAP.

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Hi @namrata_agrawal! I would love to help out. I did my first 1-1 the other day with Vrinda and it was a lot of fun. :slight_smile: Let me know what your time zone is. I am flexible later in the afternoon/evening today (the 24th) and can meet up in the evening during the week. Don’t worry! We will figure it out soon. :slight_smile:

Hey @Ayat
For now you won’t be able to access the link to session. If you need we can take up a one on one session and get you started with the navigation around the platform.

That would be greatly appreciated. How and when can we connect to communicate? Please let me know. @Vrinda_Jain

Hey @Ayat
Just comment on the post I’m sharing with you and we’ll add you to the session.