Seeking feedback for further STEM-Away Conversations

During the last chat, there were requests for a deep dive into one of my patents and a conversation about my experiences in the world of tech. Happy to cover both.

I am thinking of doing a weekly call on Friday mornings (Pacific Time). If people prefer mid-week, let me know.

On the site evolution front, I would like to cover the STEM-Away Rating Module (the math behind it + user interface), STEM-Away Alumni Channel and the STEM-Away 1-Click® Resume.

Anything else you want to hear from @Katherine_Elizabeth , @Stephanie or myself, drop a note!

Thank you @ddas, Friday works well for me. I would be delighted to hear about your work and your experiences and am particularly intrigued to learn more about the Rating Module and the 1-Click® Resume on the platform!

@ddas Friday is fine by me.

I would love to work on ideas for the rating system, alumni channel, one click resume and other such ideas.

Thank you @ddas for always sharing your powerful experiences!

For any intested in hearing more about being a woman in STEM/tech, I wrote for Forbes for a few years on the topic. I primarily interviewed other women leaders for my pieces - you can read those and other pieces here:

Always happy to chat with anyone 1-1 too!

Thanks for sharing @Katherine_Elizabeth!!

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Hi @ddas, Friday works well for me

Thanks for the feedback. Friday it is! Will send out an invite shortly.