Returning students from the June session

Students who have filled this form (

  • If you are returning to the same pathway, you are in. The self-assessment step does not apply to you.

  • If you are moving to a new pathway, we are giving you a waiver on the self-assessment step.
    I will contact you about choice of pathway if I do not know the answer.
    However, do take a look at the self-learning steps and set yourself up for success in the new pathway.

  • You will be notified when the new teams are formed. 1-2 days after the self-assessment date for your pathway.

Students who have not filled out the form:

  • You can fill out the form until 07/09 to get priority placement if you are returning to the same pathway.

  • We will limit the waiver of the self-assessment step for new pathways to the first 25 reply to reply (in addition to those who have already filled the form)

Hello, I’m Khai Nguyen who participate in ML-July 6. I missed the email of apply form And I try to do it now. Can I still fill the form and participate? Let let me know soon. Thank you so much and have a nice day.

I sorry, I try to fill out the form but the web said I need the permission of the owner for able to view the form.

Hi Khai, this form is only for returning students.

Hello, I was an observer in the June session for UX team 3. I’ve filled out the form and have a done a self assessment but I’m confused of how to truly become a participant in the July session. Did I miss a step along the way? Or is it that It’s impossible to join due the massive amount of people attending this session?

@urmika_ghosh You will be on a team- keep your eyes open for the team announcements early next week.

Hello, I just wanted to make sure I understood what I’ve been reading on StemAway. Since I was an ML participant during June and I want to be an FS observer for July, I just have to wait until the end of Week 1 (07/11) to answer a form to select which pathway I want for July after reviewing introductory training material?

Pretty much. Participants/ Observers from the June session (who have done their self-assessments) don’t have to go through any extra screening.

However, I would encourage you to use the resources mentioned here: Events for students interested in Full Stack to get a jump start on the session.

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