Resources to help you prepare

Resources to help you prepare. And keep you occupied :).

Leads are ready to greet teams. We are not, need one more day. If you have questions, please ping one of our awesome student ambassadors.

If you have not watched the STEMCasts, that is where you should start!

Otherwise, read on. The Git webinar will be early next week, prepare beforehand.


Intro to Pytorch

Pytorch Word Embeddings

Visual BERT

Fine Tuning BERT for Classification

Multi Label Classification

Documentation for packages:

Simple Transformers


Sentence Transformers

The best git tutorial I have found so far (will be borrowing from this for the webinar, and it might be helpful if students take a look beforehand):


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :computer: Thank you for this!!

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Very welcome!

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@Kitty_Gu these are some great resources to get prepared.

Thank you Sara!

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Thanks sooooo much for these

You are welcome @Kitty_Gu.

just to clarify are there two stem casts we should be watching?