Requested a FS Participant or Observer group by mistake?

Reply to this topic with “ drop from groupname ” and we will remove you from the group.

If you wish to change a role or session withing the FS pathway, reply to this topic with “change from currentgroup to newgroup

We will finalize the June 1st session teams in the 3rd week of May. At that time, we will do a final check to ensure that no one is enrolled as a participant in more than one pathway.

Please change my role of “ML June 1st P “to “ML June 1st O”

So, after the change, overall I will be enrolled in 3 roles:
Full stack June 1st P
ML June 1st O
ML July 6th P

Thank you!

Done! This is a good choice given your background.

Kindly change my role of “ML June 1st Participant “to “ML June 1st Observer”. I’d like to gather more insight first and then participate on the July session.


Done! Good decision, it is a recommended path for those relatively new to ML.

Your reply helped us fix a bug as well! We had missed setting the write permissions in this category to FS participants only.

Hello. I am not sure whether my role was changed or not. I see I am still in the group of “ML June 1-P”. Could you please change it to “ML June 1-O”. I would like to watch first and then participate the ML one in July 6.

Thank you!

Hi Longfei, can you go to and take a screenshot of the part that shows your groups. From the admin end, we do not see you as a member of ML June1-P any more.We will be able to debug better if we see a screenshot of your group memberships.

Sure. I found two spots, one of which is correct and the other of which looks may not correct.

Thank you!

Thanks Longfei! The screenshot helps a lot!
The portion on the right is the final membership so you are all set.
The portion on the left is the notification you got when you had initially asked for a participant role and got accepted.

The reason for your confusion is that no notifications were sent when we (admins) made the requested changes in the backend. We will log a bug to send notifications when admins make changes.

Sorry, can you drop me from Full-Stack-June1-P. Thanks.