🎥 Recordings of Machine Learning Levels 2&3 Meetings

Session 1: Kick-Off, Jun 7

Session 1: Explanation of Journal Clubs in the Context of ML, Jun 10

Session 1: Raw Data Sourcing and Journal Club Q&A - June 15

Session 1: ML Pathway Journal Club Discussion, Jun 18

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Session 1: Round Table Discussion / Q&A - June 25

Session 1: Office Hours with Colin

Session 2: Kick-Off Meeting (July 5)


@2021-MLBI-L-S2 @2021-MLBI-P-S2 If you were unable to attend this session live, we urge you to watch the recording as Colin provided invaluable guidance regarding your project.

@2021-MLBI-L-S1 @2021-MLBI-P-S1 If any of you are struggling to grasp concepts of your project, we encourage you to watch this recording as Colin provided interns with a comprehensive overview and explanation.

@2021-MachineLearning For all of you who wish to follow the Level 2&3 project, this recording is invaluable.

Session 1 - Team 3 Presentation - July 7

Module 2 Training Material

Dask Training Video

Dask tutorial code file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hY7zd0ElBkMz3DryWfGh0KbyqjOIRV6t/view?usp=sharing

@2021-MLBI-L-S1 @2021-MLBI-L-S2 @2021-MLBI-P-S1 @2021-MLBI-P-S2

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Session 1 - Module Kick-off Meeting and Q&A - July 12

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Parser Discussion - July 19

@2021-MLBI-L-S1 @2021-MLBI-L-S2 @2021-MLBI-P-S1 @2021-MLBI-P-S2

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ML Project Discussion - July 20

Round Table Discussion - July 21

Discussion - July 26

Discussion - July 27

Dendrograms & Clustering Tutorial

@2021-MLBI-L-S1 @2021-MLBI-L-S2 @2021-MLBI-P-S1

Round Table Discussion (Aug 3)

Topic: ML Levels 2&3 Presentation / Round Table Discussion Date: Aug 4, 2021 09:59 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording: