README - Information about Starter Projects

Our exclusive Starter Projects are designed around in-demand industry skills, offering a bite-sized and immersive experience for career growth. Exclusively for subscribers.

Join us to get access to:

Project Portal

Unlock the pathway to hands-on learning in our exclusive Project Portal, open only to premium subscribers and virtual-internship applicants. Here, you’ll find comprehensive project definitions that include clear objectives, targeted learning outcomes, defined tasks, and necessary resources. Immerse yourself in these curated projects designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Start your journey to mastery here in the Project Portal!

Mentors Circle

The Mentor’s Circle is an exclusive benefit for premium subscribers, offering a unique learning experience. Engage in discussions that will not just be monitored, but addressed directly by our mentors in either specialized webinars or forum replies. This is a space for you to voice your in-depth queries and explore more complex concepts, taking your learning experience to new heights.

Open Forum

The Open Forum is your gateway to the wider community of learners, open to premium subscribers and virtual-internship applicants. While the volume of queries may be higher, our team is committed to addressing questions here as well, ensuring that no voice goes unheard. This is a great space to engage with various perspectives and learn collaboratively. As we believe in democratizing learning, your question could be next in line after the Mentor’s Circle!

Individual Project Mentorship

If neither the virtual-internship application nor the premium subscription is the perfect fit for you, don’t worry. We offer another, more flexible, way for you to benefit from our program. Individual Project Mentorship sessions will be available for separate purchase. Priced in ‘tacks’, our unique currency, the cost varies based on demand.

Package Pricing

We’d like to remind you of the excellent value our full packages offer. With the virtual-internship application priced at only $12.99 and premium access for just $45.99, you receive a comprehensive suite of resources and mentor guidance, offering you the best value and setting you up for success. Consider these options for a more encompassing experience and to maximize your potential in your career journey.

If you’re looking to gain access to our exclusive Project Portal and engage in stimulating discussions within the Open Forum, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a virtual-internship application, you can certainly do so. You have the option to purchase the virtual-internship package, which grants you these benefits, and choose not to submit a final application. This flexibility allows you to make the most of our resources at your own pace and according to your own comfort level. You’re in control of your learning journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.