R training next week

Hi everyone,

I’m Yves, I’ll take care of the R trainings that will start next week.

Before the project starts, I’ll like to know your level in R and if you’re going to attend the trainings. I highly recommend you to attend since we are going to play around with some cool datasets and learn how to use interesting tools for Bioinformatics.

The trainings will be done on Tuesday and Friday at 10 am PDT. If you’re really interested in participating but this schedule doesn’t fit you, let me know. So for the second week we can change the days/hour.

I’m very excited to work with all of you.

So please answer the poll in such way to make it easier to organise the webinar.

What is your level in R?

  • R the letter?
  • Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
  • Novice (limited experience)
  • Intermediate (practical application)
  • Advanced (applied theory)
  • Expert

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Are you going to attend the Training?

  • Sure
  • Maybe
  • Nope

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Hi Yves! I’ll be able to make it to the training on Tuesday, but unfortunately I am busy from 10:00 - 11:00 AM PST on Fridays.

Hey Yves! Have you set up Google meet/zoom links for these trainings? Thanks!

Hi @egunduz, yes I have set up a Google meet for the R training. Here is the link:


Thank you!! @yvesgaetan

Hi Yves @yvesgaetan,

Is it possible for the training to be recorded since I can’t attend the training live? If so, how can we access it?
Thank you so much for putting all this together :)!

Hi @Ingrid,

No worries if you can’t attend the training, I’m going to record, post it on Google Drive and share the link here.

Hi Yves! I would love to go to the trainings, but neither of the times work for me. Alex said that there would be recorded versions for those who can’t make so I will be watching those!
Would you possibly know if the recordings will be uploaded immediately after or within the day? I am just wondering so I can fit it in my schedule this week!

Hi Yves! Thanks so much for making time for this! If we would like to follow along during the training, is there anything we should download prior to it?

Hi @awprakas, the recording will be available within few days.

Hi @Anca, you can download the two small files in my GitHub: https://github.com/yvesnana/R-Trainings

Hi @yvesgaetan I will be able to make fridays training but I may not be able to make tomorrow’s ! How will this work in regards to missing important information. Or can we just watch the recorded clips ?

Hi @vgomez1643, additionally to the recording I’m going to share with you guys some materials.