Questions re: July Session

If you have a question and don’t see it answered somewhere else please put it here. Make sure that you are checking the July 6 Session thread first because there is very detailed information there

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I have moved this question to the posts on the changes in the internship. :slight_smile:

Hello Debaleena,

I have a quick question about work authorization for STEM-Away internships.

Is there any specific work authorization document required? Are international students able to participate?

Thank you for your time!

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Hi, These are educational internships, you don’t need any work authorization. And yes, we have many international students.


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So I just noticed that when I did the July 6th application that I might have used the wrong username than what I have right now and I can’t remember what the username I used for it. I don’t know if that will mess up the application or is there some way I can fix it?

Unfortunately, the username is critical to the process.

Any entry that did not match a username on our platform was deleted.

You may do a new entry. We have started account creations so your entry will be processed in the next round.

next round for the same July Session?

Yeah, we will do a second round of processing.

Where can I find the new entry?

Is there any way to be sure that I am accepted for the first phase of the July session. (I filled out all forms and signed up for a meeting)

You won’t know if you are accepted until after the meeting and you finish the internship prework. You will be getting more details at the meeting.

I applied using the form in June but did not receive any mail, what might be the reason ?

There is no record of an application from you using your gmail email address. Is there a different email address that you may have used?

I applied using this same email but was not signed up here till then.


I had a quick query regarding our Phase-2. I am currently a member of Phase-1 of July Cohort New Students group. The office hours that are being conducted and taken by volunteers from June Sessions, are we supposed to attend those office hour sessions, according to our topic pathways? Is it mandatory for us? or Are we just supposed to prepare from the Introductory material which will be provided in a few days? or both of them?

Thanks, Regards.

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Hi, no office hour is mandatory. Attend if you need help on any topic.

Okay, Thank you so much!

Sure thing!

Is the Machine Learning project going to be similar to the one described by Kunal Singh on your YouTube channel?

link to the mentioned video:

Hi Stephanie,
I am Aaratrika and I was in the June session. I was hoping I could continue on to the July Session in Machine Learning internship. I am trying to find out what to do in order to do that. I have posted my self assessment and my codes are there on github. Kindly let me know what else can I do in order to be balee to continue on to the July session. Thank you.