Python Exercises Set 2

Please finish the second set of python exercises which have been uploaded to the drive by Goral by next Wednesday! Reply here if you have any issues.

Hey! I am having some trouble with problem 5 on the exercises. Here is the question:
Given a string, consider the prefix string made of the first N chars of the string. Does that prefix string appear somewhere else in the string? Assume that the string is not empty and that N is in the range 1…str.length()

If anyone has any tips on how to start it, I would appreciate it!

Hey! Check your Slack, I sent you some tips about Problem 5

Quick question: Where should we upload our code to submit the second set of Python exercises?

On github, Under your team’s folder- if you want create another folder called “Python Exercises”. You and your team can upload each of your code there and title it “your name_python exercises2”