Project Overview: Career Statistics Tool

Project Overview:

The CST project is a pilot project. Participants in pilot projects are also helping to evolve the STEM-Away® Mentor Chains® Platform.

The CST tool will enable users to get information (aggregate data related to salary, location etc.) about different careers. Users can engage in conversations about the data, share knowledge and anecdotes, and request additional data about specific careers.

Technologies & Tools used:

  • App Engine (Flexible Environment): Cloud Hosting
  • PostgreSQL and API scripting: Data accumulation and storage
  • Google Data Studio: Data Visualization
  • Asana: Project Management

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    Project Participants:

    Ashwin Chalaka (Ash):

    Project Lead
    Project management via Asana. Django setup & deployment in App Engine. Full-stack design. API Scripting.

    Milagro Arias (Mila):

    Project Lead
    Project structure & specs. Bls. gov data analysis, database architecture & setup, API scripting.

    Chris Volar

    Lead for Data Visualization
    Data visualization. Interactive data display using DataStudio. Full-stack design.

    Ariana Pan

    Data Visualization
    Data visualization. Investigation of techniques, creation of prototypes.

    Yi Cheryl Chen

    Database structure and design. Analysis of careers data sources.

    Shreyas Pasumarthi

    Data Visualization
    Exploration of Pandas. Mentee in Django setup and coding.

    Anika Ramachandran

    Project path-finding
    Project path-finding and initial architecture

    Eugen Tudorache: Technical Mentor
    Debaleena Das: Project Mentor