Project Management: Using Asana

How we used Asana to drive the project

As one of the pilot teams, we helped define a framework to assign and manage tasks. We used Asana as our tool. Other pilot teams will use other project management tools and a tool decision will be made subsequently.

We did a couple of iterations of Asana setup. Things were fairly chaotic to begin with. But the following hierarchy of projects and tasks helped to create an efficient framework. I was selected as the lead for project management based on a prototype framework that I created in Asana.

Taken from our Asana team page

Every task will have the following roles:

  • Task Lead
  • Mentor
  • Collaborators
  • Mentees

If you are a Task Lead – You are responsible for completing this task (and thus, all sub-tasks)

If you are a Mentor – You are providing guidance to the Task Lead.

If you are a Collaborator – You are responsible for the sub-tasks that the Task Lead delegates to you.

If you are a Mentee – You are in learning mode, you are not assigned any task but can follow all the work.

Details about tasks:

  • Each task will have a description to know what is being accomplished and information about task leads, mentors, and other collaborators.
  • Sub-tasks break down each task into smaller steps
  • Assignments (whoever gets assigned to a task is in charge of completing that task).
  • The project leads, Mila & Ash, will assign who gets what tasks and the tasks due dates.
  • However, if you are a Task Lead, you will decide what your subtasks are and who is responsible for them. You will also decide the subtask due dates.
  • You can choose to be a mentee on any task (not subtasks), which means you will be learning how to do the task, but not assigned any additional work.

Other Remarks

  • For every task, you can use COMMENTS to communicate with the people that you are collaborating with. Please make sure that you tag the person you are communicating with.
  • Once a sub-task is completed, you can mark it with the check symbol. Make sure you choose the all tasks filter instead of incomplete tasks in the nav-bar in order to view all tasks.

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