Project management skills for effective teamwork. Host: Paul Grobler, Productivity Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

About this STEMCasts® episode:

Project management frameworks are essential for collaboration and effective teamwork. In this STEMCasts® episode, students will learn the the basics of project management and application to a real life project.

This webinar is a critical learning resource for STEM-Away® project participants. The emphasis of Mentor Chains® Projects is on teamwork and iterative progress towards a well defined goal. Project management skills are a must for success in these projects as well as real world STEM success!

Meet Your Instructor:

This STEMCasts® is hosted by Paul Grobler, a productivity consultant and social entrepreneur. A passion for productivity and social change, here is an introduction from Paul:

I am an instant human, just add coffee and good conversation. I have more than ten years of experience managing a variety of projects and teams with a Getting Things Done mindset. I now coach individuals and teams on how to be more productive and get more out of online productivity tools. I am an Asana Certified Pro, Professional Scrum Master and G Suite certified.

As a Social Entrepreneur, I try to recognize social problems and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Increasing productivity: coordinating work versus doing work
  • Project management methodologies and frameworks
  • Using Asana as a work management tool
  • Project Management in the context of Mentor Chains® Projects

Target Audience:

  • High school and college students interested in learning about tools and frameworks for collaboration and effective teamwork.

STEMCasts® Schedule:

  1. Why project management?
  2. Introduction to project management frameworks with a tour of Asana features
  3. Real life example of using Asana to drive a short term online project.
  4. Best project management practices for an online team

Reply to this topic with questions and feedback. This webinar is part of the STEM-Away® Pathways with a focus on critical soft skills.