Progress Summary Posts

The purpose of Progress Summary Posts is to archive and showcase your project work on the STEM-Away platform.

We ask that you complete four Progress Summaries altogether and create a different topic for each one.
Create the following topics in your team category (eg. BI-Team1-July2020) and add the listed tags*:

  1. Title: ‘Quality Control and Data Visualisation - [Your Name]’
    Tags: #progress-summary #rle-boxplots, #nuse-boxplots, #pca, #heatmaps, #volcano-plots

  2. Title: ‘DGE Analysis - [Your Name]’
    Tags: #progress-summary #annotation, #gene-filtering, #limma-analysis, #volcano-plots

  3. Title: ‘Functional Analysis - [Your Name]’
    Tags: #progress-summary #kegg, #string-database, #gene-concept-network, #survival-analysis

  4. Title: ‘[Insert Disease of Choice] Analysis Project - [Your Name]’
    Tags: #progress-summary Select/create at least 4 relevant tags.

*Feel free to create/add your own tags as relevant.

Please include all of your work from the section of the internship, including:

  • Your group’s presentation (please detail your own contribution to the presentation)
  • Any additional plots/graphs that you created
  • Screenshots of segments of code where relevant.

This is your opportunity to showcase your work so please be as creative as you like!

Any questions regarding these Progress Summaries, reply below.
Thank you!