Program updates for June teams

Hello June teams,

As you know, we did a major scaling of our startup to accommodate all interested students this summer. While the effort was back-breaking, we are very glad that we undertook the scaling!

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you! I regret that I did not get the chance to meet with all teams. I hope to meet with more teams next week. But I have read 80% of the self-assessments by now. To get to know you and to get feedback for program improvements.

Some important items:

  • Please fill out this form as soon as possible. We need this information to seup the July session. I will share project details for the next session shortly.

  • Students leaving on 07/03: Along with your weekly self-assessment, please add a self-assessment summarizing the full session by 07/03. We will lock your self-assessment post, review with your leads and convert to a certificate.

  • You need to have your self-assessments posted to be accepted into the July session. Self-assessments are required for observers as well.

  • Leads: You can put in your self-assessments as well at this point. I am hoping you have enough bandwidth now to handle this. Thank you for all the hard work. You are the critical link in our Mentor Chains!

  • Seeking more volunteers to host office hours for the incoming July students. Please enter your availability here. We need your help with our mission to create STEM opportunities at-scale. I am very happy to see participants volunteering! And not just leads.

  • Seeking help from teams as a whole as well. It could be as simple as allowing some new students to attend your happy hour!

  • Finally, everyone is welcome to participate in our competitions or contribute to the student voice. Go to the homepage and check out the new categories!

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Here are my thoughts for project extensions for the July session. I need a few more days to finalize.

Sharing these thoughts so that you can decide whether you wish to return to a pathway. You may revise your choice later. But I need an approximate count of returning students who are interested in these project extensions:
(Please do fill out the form as soon as possible. If there are very few students returning to the same pathway, we will rerun June projects)

FS: We have some exciting suggestions for Discourse plugin development from site evolution entries, a FS-ML collaboration possibility and a FS-BI collaboration possibility.

UX: Learn the tools of the trade while building on the work currently done by Teams 2, 3 and 4 (STEM-Away specific UX). Teams will use the high-fidelity prototypes from these teams as the starting point, brainstorm an overall plan for the redesign and execute to that plan. Teams will also synchronize their efforts with FS teams.

ML: The following option will be open to interested students who have demonstrated teamwork, motivation and sufficient expertise in the June session.
After a final topic recommendation model is built, teams will create an API to serve topic suggestions using Flask and containerize the app using Docker. They will then work with the full stack team to deploy the application using AWS. The final application could be used to take in an arbitrary input topic from a particular forum and recommend the most similar posts within that forum. This web app could then be integrated into the STEM-Away discourse forum to provide real time recommendation of similar posts.

BI: Extensions to the current pipeline with inputs taken from returning team members. Design tools (FS-collaboration) with a focus on data visualization.


The form setting has been changed to allow edits. You may edit your entry until 06/30.


I’m having some trouble accessing the forum. It says I need permission in order to continue.

Please access using your mentorchains email.

Hello, where do we access the self assessment form?

Hi Charles,
Yes, please use the same format and post in the same place. The only difference for the full self assessment is that it is a summary of the whole session and not just the last week. Some deviations from the format in order to capture the essence of your achievement is absolutely fine.

We will take the posts created, review with leads, lock the posts and convert the posts to certificates.

Hope this helps!

Hello. I am a little confused because I was told earlier that observers are not required to post the self-assessments. Are we supposed to post a self-assessment to describe our overall experience?

Hi @sahmad11, yes please post a self-assessment to describe overall experience. Use the same format as participants.