Priya Self Assessment

Name : Priya
Team : ML Team 8 (Bertinators)
Role : Task Lead
Overview of Things Learned:

Technical Areas: a) Hosting an end to end ML model using AWS
b) Understanding of BERT & Web application architecture
c) Understanding of Regression / Classification Model
d) Data Cleaning & Web Scraping using Pandas, Python

Tools / Libraries Used: Google Colaboratory, GIT, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, html2text, DistilBert, AWS.

Soft skills: a) Problem Solving: Ability to make details and coming up with the optimum
b) Interpersonal Communication Skills: Ability to listen and speak actively with
people in groups or individually.
c)Teamwork: Reviewing progress regularly , open for receiving feedbacks & regular follow-ups.

Achievements: a) Hosting large teams or groups efffectively.
b) Continuous Learning: Gained new technical skills (NLP Bert Model, AWS architecture).

Roles / Responsibilties: a) Hosted weekly office hours for the sub team.
b) Hosted fun quizzes in weekly session to make it more interactive.
c) Hosted team feedback quiz for overall improvement.
d) Scheduled office hours for all the leads to have more effective
sessions with smaller teams according to their feasibility.
e) Created an FAQ notebook on GIT overview.

List of Meetings Attended: 1) Was able to attend 3 meetings with the Industry Mentor Colin, which fitted the Indian Timezone :
a) First Training Session
b) Git Webinar
c) Q/A with Colin
Also, went through all the leftover recording sessions too.
2) Attended Project Overview meeting By Eren.
3) Attended weekly catchups with the team on every Sunday.
4) Attended weekly catchups with the leads on every Saturday to discuss project overview.
5) Attended weekly meeting with the sub team on every Saturday.