Presentations (week of 07/06 and 07/13)

Hi ML teams,

Do any of the teams want to do an open presentation? (Open as in any mentorchains lead/participant/observer can attend). If so, please reply with your desired time slot and a Google Meet link. I will add to the master July 2020 calendar.



Hi Debaleena,
I recently got in a traffic accident. That’s why I’ve been having a difficult time being present on the forum. I have delegated the final team meeting to Ishan and he has handled it perfectly. We have decided as a group to present our product. I asked that most participants help the presentation before they end their session. We have also set up a great little mini group with the participants who are staying for the 3 week extension. We would be willing to present sometime next week. I think Monday 11am should be good.

By the way, sorry for the delayed lead report. I know Ishan has already posted his and most of our participants have posted all their self assessments and should have responded to the google form (I did remind them a couple of times, but let me know if there are people who forgot). Because of my current medical condition I have been quite busy. But I’m better now and there really aren’t any restrictions tor working remotely as we are doing.

Thank you for a great first session I can’t wait to do another one,


Will all the teams do presentations in one meeting? Or each team choose their own desired time?

Hi Eren,
So sorry to hear about your accident but glad that you are doing better! Don’t worry about the self-assessment, you can fill it out at your convenience.

Ishan, thank you for covering!

For the presentation, I am noting down Mon 07/13 at 11 am PDT. I am going to check if Colin can attend. If not, are you open to have an external industry expert attend and give feedback?


Hi Xianbo,

If all 7 teams are presenting, one session will be a bit much. Let me find out Colin’s availability and add it here. If your team can present in one of those slots, that is great. Colin is the best person to give feedback given his close association with the project. However, if you cannot make any of the slots, I can invite external experts if the team so desires.


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What’s Colin’s availability? Did you find out?

Colin was planning to do a resume webinar this Friday at 4 pm Pacific. We can accommodate one team along with this if it works for your team.
Will publish his availability for next week shortly.

Yes, it works. My team will present at that time.

Sounds good. Colin has confirmed his availability.
If okay with your team, my preference is to have the webinar followed by the team presentation. Which means your team will be presenting around 5 pm Pacific. Works?


These are the available slot for presentations/ lead meetings next week: (all Eastern Time)

  • M: Noon-3, 4:30 – Anytime in evening

  • T: 1-3, 5- Anytime in evening

  • W: Noon-1, 4:30-anytime in evening

  • Th: 4-Anytime in evening

  • F: 2-3:30, 6- Anytime in evening

@Sara_EL-ATEIF, @anubhav15129: Will Monday 1 pm - 2 pm Eastern work for your team presentations? I want to make sure that all project leads have a time slot that is good for their time zone.

Team 2 is presenting tomorrow.

Slots needed for Team 1, Team 4, Team 5, Team 6, Team 7, Team 8

@ridhi.shah: Does your team want to do an open presentation? I know you have already done a team one. Thanks for sharing!

@maleeha_imran: Can you lead the Team 8 presentation?

If it works for everyone, I propose the following time slots: (all Eastern Time)
  • W: Noon-1
    All leads meeting to finalize the projects for the next session. I will start a forum post to kick-off the discussion by Sat.

  • M: 1 pm - 2:15 pm
    Teams 4 & 6. And one more team

  • Th: 4pm - 5:15 pm
    Remaining 3 teams

I’ve just received message from our group members. Some one can’t make it at the time. Can we switch to other slots next week? Btw, is there a zoom/google meet link for the presentation?

Okay, not adding your team for tomorrow then. We will use the extra time for Q&A. Sharing zoom link on a new post.

Adding it here as well:

4pm Pacific

Zoom Webinar:

First half: Interview/ Communication/ Career advice for all STEM students
Second half will be specific to machine learning.

Hello @ddas,

Monday 1pm looks good to me I will announce to my team and get back to you (to confirm the time).
One question though: are the other team members encouraged to present or is the lead enough to present all the team work?

Thank you

Hi Sara, Yes, team members are encouraged to present.

Here is a link to a UX presentation: Project Showcase and their presentation slides
Sharing it to show how a full team presented. And how they made it into a story.

Now, ML is totally different from UX. But in any presentation, however technical, you have to work to keep your audience engaged. Don’t just show final results, talk about the challenges you faced in generating the results. Things like that.

Also, a catchy start helps to get your audience’s attention from the very beginning:

As an example, if I were presenting the work I did at Intel, I would start with something like “Did you know that a cosmic ray can flip a bit on your laptop and that flipped bit can …” Even though cosmic rays are not directly involved in the work I will be presenting.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Beautiful presentation, thank you for sharing.
I got your point with the story example.

Looking forward to your team’s presentation :slight_smile:

Hi @ddas,

My team would love to present the work that we have done. I think it would be better if we could present it on Wednesday or Friday? I was asking if they would be interested in presenting the work but some of the participants are no available on Monday.


How much time is each presentation? Each time slot has 75min so I guess we can’t make a 30min presentation?

Hi Anubhav, Certainly, we can do it on Wed. Everyone has worked very hard, we will work to accommodate anyone who wants to be present.

(All times are eastern)

  • M: 1 pm - 2:30 pm
    Teams 4 + 1 more team (1 hour)
    All leads meeting to finalize the projects for the next session (30 mins)

  • W: Noon-1
    Team 6 (30 mins)
    All leads meeting to finalize the projects for the next session. (30 mins)

  • Th: 4pm -
    Remaining teams

@Xianbo_Gao, @Ishan: Can you pick 30 mins slots so that I can fix with Colin

Any other team interested?