Plugin development for Discourse, an open source project, with a stretch goal to interface with ML algorithm outputs

Full-stack design project involving plugin development for the open-source Discourse Forum.

This is a pilot project which will help evolve the Mentor Chains® platform. In addition to the display of technical and soft skills through the 1-Click® Resume, participants can elect to be showcased on our social media pages.

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Project Overview:

  1. Project leads will help the team ramp up using this excellent guide from plugin author Angus McLeod.

    I’m not an expert at coding. I only taught myself how to code last year by playing around with Discourse. I’m partly putting this here because this is the basic approach I use to answer any questions I (or others) have when working with Discourse and it will be useful to link to.

  2. The team will create a simple test plugin, plugin specifications will be decided by the project leads. Another excellent documentation, a 7-part guide to developing Discourse plugins from the Discourse team will be used as the anchor for this step.

  3. Stretch Goal: Create a plugin to display tags in clusters

    A stretch goal is to create a plugin to display tags in clusters. Each tag pair will have a distance metrics to indicate the similarity between the tags. The team will work with the Machine Learning team to define an interface to import the tag distance metrics created by ML algorithms.


  • Full Stack Design
  • Ruby, Ember
  • Plugin Development
  • Open Source Development
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & Mentoring (project & task leads)


Summer 2020


  • Some prior experience with Ember & Ruby required for project leads.
  • Basic experience with full stack design required for all members except those in a purely mentee role.