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  • 1st column: Topic id of your self-assessment
  • 2nd column: Name as taken from your user profile
  • 3rd column: Role
  • 4th column: Your Lead

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You don’t have to check the topic id since it is generated by a script. However, if you can do a quick verification, appreciate it! Just click on your self-assessment. The number at the end of the URL is your topic id.

Please note that this list is generated off self-assessments and leads feedback
If you have not completed a self-assessment, you are not on this list.

Topic Id Name Role Lead
5584 Adya Tulsian Participant Aarushi Pant
5509 Aishwarya Sivasubramanian Participant Aarushi Pant
5579 Amogh Balaji Observer Jiayun Chen
5332 Anna Hsu Participant Kamya Krishnan
5564 Aarushi Pant Project Lead Dr. Mondira Pant
5585 Caroline Banh Participant Kamya Krishnan
5565 Esha Tulsian Project Lead Dr. Mondira Pant
5261 Faryaal Alam Participant Kamya Krishnan
5488 Hasin Anik Participant Kamya Krishnan
5524 Jiayun Chen Project Lead Dr. Mondira Pant
5629 Kamya Krishnan Project Lead Dr. Mondira Pant
5362 Mandy Tran Participant Kamya Krishnan
5534 Megan Chan Participant Esha Tulsian
5301 Madeline Smith Participant Esha Tulsian
5561 Palvi Sabherwal Participant Esha Tulsian
5577 Pranathi Immanni Observer Esha Tulsian
5573 Pranavi Immanni Observer Esha Tulsian
5608 Raina Mourad Participant Jiayun Chen
5298 Shanya Sanof Participant Esha Tulsian
5634 Shenyue Huang Observer Jiayun Chen
5895 Venkatsai Ari Observer Kamya Krishnan
6673 Esther Yoo Participant Kamya Krishnan
6650 Ethan Armbruste Observer Esha Tulsian