Please check your details before we generate the certificates (UX)

  • 1st column: Topic id of your self-assessment
  • 2nd column: Name as taken from your user profile
  • 3rd column: Role
  • 4th column: Your Lead

If there is any issue, please let me know by 09/20 (Sunday).

You don’t have to check the topic id since it is generated by a script. However, if you can do a quick verification, appreciate it! Just click on your self-assessment. The number at the end of the URL is your topic id.

Leads: Are you yet to complete your self-assessments or I am just not looking in the right place?? I could only find Hasin’s self-assessment.

Please note that this list is generated off self-assessments and leads feedback

Topic Id Name Role Lead
5716 Aaron Ouyang Participant Ritika Sharma
5618 Sungwon Yoon Participant Hasin Anik
5646 Bijay Maharjan Observer Hasin Anik
5569 Emily Tran Participant Ritika Sharma
5726 Hannah Zhang Observer Valeriya Gorelova
5793 Harshini Ramaswamy Participant Pooja Shah
6513 Hasin Anik Project Lead Benjamin Basseches
5812 Ivy Tong Participant Pooja Shah
5784 Josephine Lee Participant Pooja Shah
5782 Karthik Digavalli Participant Fiona Au
5796 Madelynne Harrison Participant Valeriya Gorelova
5675 Ritwik Kar Participant Ritika Sharma
5733 Ricky Ke Participant Pratistha Maharjan
5786 Shubham Singla Participant Ritika Sharma
5661 Soo Jin Lee Participant Valeriya Gorelova
5780 Kali Surana Participant Fiona Au
5690 Tabassum Alam Participant Fiona Au
5658 Jiayao Liu Participant Hasin Anik
5799 Urmika Ghosh Participant Pooja Shah
5604 Yee Kit Chan Participant Ritika Sharma
5945 Valeriya Gorelova Project Lead Benjamin Basseches
6636 Rachit Jain Pathway Lead Benjamin Basseches
6633 Antony Georgiadis Pathway Lead Benjamin Basseches
6659 Liora Jones Participant Valeriya Gorelova
6668 Fiona Au Project Lead Benjamin Basseches

Hello @ddas,

My Self Assessment is here: Valeriya - UX & UI Pathway but I put it under June not July. I don’t have access to create topics under July category:

Let me know if I can be granted access and I will copy it over.


Hi Valeriya, I have taken care of it. This was on my list of things to do, I had seen it in the June folder but forgot to follow up. Congrats once again on an amazing wrap up!!

Hi Debaleena @ddas,

Almost everything looks good to me! My full name is Yee Kit Chan.

Hope you are well,
Yee Kit

Hi Yee, Doing well, hope you are too!
I have updated your name in the certificate generation list. Do take a moment to update it in your profile as well. This is the “name” field you set when you first created an account. Thanks!!

Thank you so much @ddas, I hope all is well.

Hi @ddas,

I think we are missing @rachit_jain.

Hi Hasin, I am not able to locate Rachit’s self-assessment. The certificate generation tool runs off the self-assessments. Hoping to hear from Rachit by the end of the week! I

Leads: If you are working on self-assessments, please create them directly in the UX self-assessment category: category.

I have temporarily made it an open category since there are quite a few self-assessments missing.

Hi @ddas ! Strangely, the name field simply resets to “Yk C”.

Hi Debaleena @ddas,
Would it be possible for my name on my certificate to be Sungwon Yoon instead of Ashley?

Thank you! The rest looks great to me.


So sorry! Got carried away with my semester.

Just posted the self assessment @ddas ; extremely sorry for the delay.

Thank you @HasinAnik for the tag!

No worries at all Rachit! Thank you for all the hard work. You have done an excellent job in inspiring your team!

Thanks for letting me know, Yee. I am looking into the issue.

Hi Ashley, Absolutely, not a problem at all. I talked last night with my designer about the pull-out design your team proposed for “recent posts”. It is not a high priority item for us. But once in a while we do things just because it is a cool idea :slight_smile: If it is not too complex a design, we will implement it and make available to the Discourse community!


I do not see my name on the list. I was a member of UX Team 2 during the July session. Is there something that I did wrong or forgot to include? Hopefully I can do what is needed before September 20th.

Hi Liora,
I can see that you were an active participant, you are just missing a self-assessment. I created a blank one in your name so that you don’t get left out. Once you figure out what needs to be written for your self-assessment, go ahead and edit the topic. Don’t worry about the 20th deadline, the topic below suffices.

Hi, sorry, I will have my self assessment up by tomorrow.


I just filled out my self-assessment. Sorry for the late reply.