Please check your details before we generate the certificates (Full Stack)

  • 1st column: Topic id of your self-assessment
  • 2nd column: Name as taken from your user profile
  • 3rd column: Role
  • 4th column: Your Lead

If there is any issue, please let me know by 09/20 (Sunday).

You don’t have to check the topic id since it is generated by a script. However, if you can do a quick verification, appreciate it! Just click on your self-assessment. The number at the end of the URL is your topic id.

Please note that this list is generated off self-assessments and leads feedback

Topic Id Name Role Lead
5340 Arturo Alvarado Participant Tarush Gupta
5576 Besart Mujeci Participant Solomon Nwante
5322 Bijay Maharjan PM Lead James Kiesel
5281 Yuanfei Shen Participant Tarush Gupta
6541 Solomon Nwante Project Lead James Kiesel
5328 Hannah Zhang Participant Jeremy Osborne
5295 Amber Wang Participant Solomon Nwante
6237 Ishan Tickoo Project Lead James Kiesel
5329 Jin Gyu Lee Participant Jeremy Osborne
6538 Jeremy Osborne Project Lead James Kiesel
5324 Kavya Annapareddy Participant Ishan Tickoo
5314 Kristen Johanson Participant Solomon Nwante
5275 Dmytro Mishchenko Participant Tarush Gupta
5606 Mutaz Nazeer Ahmed Pathway PM Lead James Kiesel
5360 Jae Lee Participant Jeremy Osborne
5285 Nitish Suri Participant Ishan Tickoo
5338 Shaheer Imran Participant Jeremy Osborne
5323 Tam Vu Participant Tarush Gupta
5657 Tarush Gupta Project Lead James Kiesel
5331 Walter Levan Participant Ishan Tickoo
6632 Junyi Zhao Participant Ishan Tickoo

I believe my name should be in here but I’m not included.

Hi Jason, You don’t have a self-assessment and the activity level indicated by your leads shows you below the required level of participation to get a certificate. If you think this is in error, please reply copying a lead you worked with.

I believe that is. My lead is@Ishan .

Got it. I will check with Ishan.
You still need to do your self-assessments. The certificate is directly linked to that. If you have done it already, please send me the link.


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