Please check your details before we generate the certificates (Entrepreneurship)

  • 1st column: Topic id of your self-assessment
  • 2nd column: Name as taken from your user profile
  • 3rd column: Role
  • 4th column: Your Lead

If there is any issue, please let me know by 09/20 (Sunday).

You don’t have to check the topic id since it is generated by a script. However, if you can do a quick verification, appreciate it! Just click on your self-assessment. The number at the end of the URL is your topic id.

Please note that this list is generated off self-assessments and leads feedback

Topic Id Name Role Lead
5516 Carol Zhang Participant Vrinda Jain
5589 Carolann Dong Participant Vrinda Jain
5505 Celeste Gonzalez Participant Vrinda Jain
5591 Chhavi Munjal Participant Vrinda Jain
5507 Danielle Getz Participant Vrinda Jain
5520 Elizabeth Wood Participant Zery Wang
5572 Jeremy Osborne Participant Zery Wang
5555 Jessica Luo Participant Zery Wang
5755 Mohammad Bin Masood Participant Zery Wang
6344 Srikar Voleti Participant Zery Wang
5779 Vrinda Jain Project Lead Stephanie Holt
5593 Akash Agarwal Participant Vrinda Jain

Hello Deb. My name that I would like for the certificate is Celeste Gonzalez, thanks!

Sure thing! Please update your “Name” in your profile as well.

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Hello Deb! I believe my self-assessment was shifted from The Catalysts EN team 1 to the Machine Learning self assessments instead of the Entrepreneurship self assessments. How do I sort that out? Thanks!

Done, thanks for the help with the debug! Added you.

Thank you!