Please check your details before we generate the certificates (Bioinformatics)

  • 1st column: Topic id of your self-assessment
  • 2nd column: Name as taken from your user profile
  • 3rd column: Role
  • 4th column: Your Lead

If there is any issue, please let me know by 09/20 (Sunday).

You don’t have to check the topic id since it is generated by a script. However, if you can do a quick verification, appreciate it! Just click on your self-assessment. The number at the end of the URL is your topic id.

Please note that this list is generated off self-assessmentsand leads feedback

Topic Id Name Role Lead
5336 Abhinav Rajeshwar Observer Alicia Repka
6485 Alicia Repka Project Lead Dr. Ali Nehme
6527 Aman Burji Participant Anya Greenberg
5305 Andrea Fox Participant Anya Greenberg
6532 Ashlesha Patil Project Lead Dr. Ali Nehme
5325 Anirudh Sriram Participant Anya Greenberg
5725 Austin Yang Participant Ashlesha Patil
5279 Angelina Prakash Observer Anya Greenberg
5320 Burha Rasool Participant Alicia Repka
5299 Croix Mikofsky Participant Ashlesha Patil
5315 Daniel Drucker Participant Ashlesha Patil
5280 Dan Binderman Participant Alicia Repka
6451 Anya Greenberg Project Lead Dr. Ali Nehme
5297 Ena Haseljic Participant Alicia Repka
5337 Eunah Yang Participant Anya Greenberg
5568 Giabao Tonthat Participant Ashlesha Patil
5333 Kaylen Kang Participant Anya Greenberg
5317 Kevin Lin Participant Ashlesha Patil
5369 Maria Crisan Participant Alicia Repka
5303 Meenoti Thakore Participant Ashlesha Patil
5578 Pranhav Sundararajan Participant Alicia Repka
5326 Olivia Mock Observer Anya Greenberg
6476 Sarah Ryan-Purcell Pathway PM Lead Dr. Ali Nehme
5291 Sona Popat Participant Ashlesha Patil
5778 Sriansh Pasumarthi Observer Ashlesha Patil
5355 Tanish Kumar Participant Anya Greenberg
5283 Trisha Nagin Observer Ashlesha Patil
5342 Vanshika Bidhan Participant Alicia Repka
5318 Xuewen Geng Participant Anya Greenberg
5335 Chloe Li Participant Alicia Repka
6653 Augustine Amakiri Participant Alicia Repka
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Hi Debaleena,

I’m in BI team 3 and I don’t see my name listed above. Could you please check that?


Hi Debaleena! If my name could be changed to Burha Rasool to include my full last name, that would be great. Thank you.

Hi Chloe, I was about to write to you. I noticed your name was missing while generating that list. I have you on my shortlist of potential students for external presentations.

Somehow, we missed moving your self-assessment to the final location from where we generate the certificates. We are still doing that move manually, we will improve that system from next time.

Have added you:

5335 Chloe Li Participant Alicia Repka

Hi Burha, Done!
Can you update your name on the platform as well, for our tracking purposes. Thanks!

Hi Debaleena,

That’s totally fine! Thanks for adding me!


Done! Thank you!

Hello @ddas please my name is not on the list and I am a member of BI team 3. Please could you check and update the list


I have pinged @isha to help locate the missing self-assessments. Will send out an updated list shortly.

@ddas @AMAKIRI_AUGUSTINE @Isha Augustine’s self-assessments are contained within his milestone posts.

Thank you @Sarahrp for confirming.

Got it, thanks Sarah! Augustine, can you confirm the name you want on the certificate. Right now, I have AMAKIRI AUGUSTINE from your user profile.

Hi Debaleena,

I can’t find my name either. Please let me know if its otherwise.

Thank You.

Hi Dhruti, this list is from self-assessments. In the last case, Augustine had his self-assessments embedded in milestone posts. In your case, I don’t find any post at all so I doubt that we somehow missed it. Let’s take it offline.

Hi Debaleena, it would be great if you could change my name to Trisha Nagin to include my last name! Thank you!

Will do. Please update it on your user profile as well or it can get overwritten if we have to rerun any script.

Okay will do thank you!

Thanks Debaleena

Hello, @ddas thank you for confirming this and yes the name is correct.