Ping for June 1st participants & observers

A ping to make sure that there are no drop outs before we finalize teams. Your username will be recorded when you click on the box below. Thank you for your help!

  • Yes, I will be joining as a participant

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  • Yes, I will be joining as an observer

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Yep, I’ll be there!

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Yes I will be participating in ML June 1 session.

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Hi there, I’ll be participating in the June 1st ML session. For some reason I can’t vote on the poll? It says I need access to the ML-June1-P group


Hey, the same thing is happening to me!

i am very confused about this virtual internship.
Can anybody guide me?

Yes I will participate in the June 1 ML group.

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Yes I will be participating. I am also unable to vote above

Yes I will be participating in the June 1 ML session.

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Hi everyone! I am excited to join June 1st as a participant and meet all of you! :slight_smile:

If it helps, I voted last night by clicking the top link in the e-mail that was sent out yesterday and was already logged into the site. It appears to have registered my vote. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi Maleeha, We hadn’t added leads as yet. Have added you now. We will add other leads as well shortly.

Please retry. You are not automatically added to the group, we do a manual check against your application. We have just finished processing the last batch of requests to join.

Thank you Melissa!

Yes, your vote has been registered :slight_smile:
We have 50 so far. Missing around 30.

Can you cover this in your webinar tomorrow?

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Hi, we strongly recommend attending Melissa’s webinar tomorrow.

We have don’t have the bandwidth for any more information sessions. But our wonderful student ambassadors have stepped up to help.

If you are still confused after the webinar, reply here and we will set you up with a 1-1 session with one of our student ambassadors.

Hi @AmaNimako, We could not locate you in either the participant or observer group. Which group did you request?

Just ticked “Yes” to the June 1st Participant! I think there was a confusion :sweat_smile:
Hope this helps sort things out!

Hi, I answered the poll and I will be attending the June 1st section as an observer.

Glad you could make it work!
And thanks for sharing a screenshot. It really helps us!

Perfect! Yes, I would be happy to cover this Debaleena. :slight_smile: I am having a small meeting with Sheyas later today to go over some last-minute touch-ups and can add this.

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Thank you Melissa & Shreyas! Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow :smile:

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