Piercepatrick - Machine Learning Pathway

Name: Pierce Patrick

Team: Machine Learning Team 8 (Bertinator)

Things learned:
-Technical Area: I have already learned so much through the few weeks of working on this project! How webscrapers/crawlers work and how to build one, the HTML/CSS language, cleaning and manipulating data, a better understanding of the machine learning field, natural language processing, and specific models such as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT).
-Tools: Git, Github, VS Code, Scrapy, Colab, Python, Pandas
-Soft skills: Working as a team on a collaborative project and getting past language and time zone barriers. Using WhatsApp and slack and kanbachi.


  1. Successfully scraping the airline forum for necessary features
  2. Meeting everyone in the first zoom meeting
  3. Working on a Google Colab for the first time

Meetings attended:
Initial zoom meeting and one google meeting. Watched all recordings

Goals for upcoming week:
Train the forum classification model and see what accuracy I can get.

Tasks done:
Data collection through scraping the airline forum. Faced lots of obstacles such as overcoming the infinite scrolling website.
Data cleaning such as converting the HTML in post_text to regular text. Faced struggles learning how to use the HTML2Text library.
My partners helped tremendously.