Official position on social media + my dreams for STEM-Away

I am a sharing a post that I sent to leads at the beginning of the session.

I am sure most of you know this already. But as President of this company, I want to clearly state that we are not dictating what you should or should not say on social media. The networking tips are meant to help you grow your network. And anything you do to help promote the company is strictly on a voluntary basis. You are free to write/share what you want. Feel free to share any negative experience in STEM-Away as well.

On a personal level, I don’t care if you make “mistakes” while posting. If the tone is genuine, I will take the time to respond to you. I am not really much on social media though so you will have to be patient!

In the chat session last Friday, I spoke about my love for the beauty in STEM fields and my love for the uniqueness of each student emerging on their STEM journeys.

My dream for our platform is to be the safety net that will give each and every one of you the confidence to constantly move beyond your comfort zone. A platform where students of varying experiences can collaborate in a way that everyone benefits. And above all, a platform where you can be yourself.

If at any point, you feel that we are directing you instead of guiding you, do let me know. If even a hint of robotic behavior or herd mentality comes into the platform, that will be the end of the dream I have for STEM-Away.

Please refer to the video of our first STEM-Away Conversation if you are interested in my full message.

Finally, a note on online safety. Please do not share your emails openly on the forum. Or on any social media. And please note that the STEM-Away team will never ask for your phone number or any personal data. Those are phishing emails, please block the senders.