NLP webinar series from Colin Magdamo - Part 1

Intro to NLP part 1

Status: Past

Slides available below


This resource is an introduction to what NLP or Natural Language Processing is, some of its well-known algorithms like RNN, LSTM, GPT-2, and Attention models.


  • Why is NLP Hard?
  • Modeling Using Language Derived Features
  • Language Models
  • Previous Ways of Representing Language as ML Input
  • Vanilla Neural Networks
  • GPT2: Scarily Good Sequence Generation
  • Attention: Overview

Basics of NLP, TF -IDF, and spacy for tokenization

NLP_Basics.pdf (453.9 KB)

@ddas could you please provide the link for this webinar. It’s Colin’s 1st video about NLP.

Hi Sara, We missed recording this one. I can ask Colin to hold this webinar one more time if you think it will help.

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It is alright then. I heard the presentation was enough.

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