NLP Basics Webinar #1

Hi everyone,

Today at 4 PM PDT, Colin will be going over the basics of NLP, TF -IDF, and spacy for tokenization. We encourage you all to come. We have changed the format of the webinars from 1 three-hour webinar per week to 3 one-hour webinars per week, so we will also be having two more webinars on Thursday and Friday at 4 PM PDT to go over more content.

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@ML-Team2-June1 have a look friends

@ML-Team4-June1 team do have a look at this you could benefit some more.

Will you be recording these sessions? The time of webinar in my timezone is 4 am in the morning so it will be difficult to attend live.

Yes we will be recording

@shreyas Where can i find the recording to this session?

Hi @shreyas, one request. Can you create a folder on the drive that has all of Colin’s training. You can set the permission to view by anyone with a mentorchains account. Similar to the way you have done with the Colin + Leads recording and the Python one in Bioinformatics.

If it is a zoom recording that I have uploaded to youtube, you can put a text file with a link to the youtube video.

Thanks a lot for driving the training with Colin. You are doing an amazing job!

Thank you, Debaleena. I will do that right now. Unfortunately, the meeting file for yesterday’s webinar hasn’t uploaded properly yet but when it does, I will definitely put it up.

Yeah, videos are not easy to deal with. I know that so well by now!

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Hello @shreyas , is there a link to all of Colin’s webinars still? Let us know!

There is a folder in the ML Teams google drive called industry mentor meeting recordings that contain all of the recordings

Hi there,
I was trying to find the NLP Basics Webinar #1 in the drive but unfortunately I couldn’t. Is it perhaps not uploaded yet?

There was an issue with the upload but it is mostly just a recap of basics that should be ok to miss.