Next Steps - ML Pathway - Updated 05/24

We are executing to these milestones

05/19: Deep Dive: Recommender Systems

(Completed. Thanks @Sara_EL-ATEIF )

05/22: Individual teams formed

(Completed. Thanks to a marathon effort and spreadsheet magic by @Stephanie)

05/22: Industry Mentor & Team leads finalize project details

(Good progress. Additional meetings on 05/26 and 05/29)

05/25: Project details shared with teams

05/25: Project Management tool details shared with teams

(Postponed to June 1st. We need to first ensure that all participants are up to speed on the basics of the Mentor Chains® program)

05/27: Legal paperwork sent to participants (acknowledgment that you understand that these are educational internships)

05/27: STEM-Away accounts (project management accounts and other tool specific accounts) created for all participants

(On track)

06/01: Start of session

(On track)

And now a question for you?

Have you looked at all the learning resources created to help you prepare?

We hope the answer is YES!!


Just wanna make sure that international students are ok to attend this education internship also right? Thank you.

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Yes. None of the projects are client projects, you are not working for any company. Projects are created specifically to help students gain technical and soft skills, they are educational opportunities.

For students seeking academic credits for the projects, the rules from your school apply.

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Thank you!

Updated 05/24

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Hello, it says project details will be shared with teams by 5/24, however, I did not get any information regarding the project even though I am in the ML June 1 Participant group.

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Will we have the project details shared with us soon? I have noticed that UX, FS, and BI teams have already gotten the ball rolling. I am taking time in the evenings to prepare for next week, and am super excited. Also will we be doing intros or having meetings before next week? :slight_smile: #machinelearning-summer2020

The leads are ready. Hold up is from our end!

Love the fact that you want to prepare! Have added a new post with resources to help you prepare.

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