Module 1, Part B

Things I learned

Interview Basics: Asking accurate questions, making it seem informal, and make it open-ended

Card Sorting: The user places cards into each category given. It makes it easier to gather data for information architecture

Observations: Learning about users by observing their actions. Easier than other methods and gets understanding of User

Focus Groups: Learn about user attitude, ask questions that are specific and make the conversation unstructured

Contextual Inquiries: Gives information at an early stage design, gives most detailed information Surveys: 2 types Quantitative and Qualitative. Make the survey questions simple.

Three achievement Highlights

Learned six methods for research about design

Created interview Questions for Focus Group

Chose which type of people were in Focus Group

Tasks Completed

Here are a few interview questions that I came up with for Microsoft word regarding a problem

  1. What were your frustrations with using Microsoft Word recently?

  2. Is there anything was done that could ease your experience of using this product?

  3. How has this issue affected your use of this product?

  4. How would you expect the developers to address this problem?

  5. How significant is this problem in using the product?

The people that would be part of the focus group would be Users, Employees, Shareholders, Marketers, Suppliers, Industries

I would choose these members because they are vital to the product and help it develop.

1.Is there any new feature that you found useful or useless to the product?

  1. Is there any feature that is needed to make your experience with this product better?

  2. How has this product helped you in your day-to-day life?

  3. Did you face any difficulties with the new feature installed?

  4. What aspect of this product drives you to use it again?


Who: Employees

Where: Office

When: When the employee is required to use the product

Why: To see how the employee uses the product and see if any developments can be made to make it easier for them to use

Challenges: Some Challenges I faced in this assignment were creating questions that were centered toward problems of the product. I also faced challenges in finding a person to an observer using the product.

Future Goals: Using Contextual Inquiries to collect data for research purposes of the UX design