Module 1, Part B


  • UX Research Methods: Interviews, Card Sorting, Observations, Focus Groups, Contextual Inquiries, Surveys


Extra Resources:


  1. Using the same company you chose for the previous assignment (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Zoom, Craigslist), make 10 interview questions for the purposes of defining a problem.

  2. Choose and do two assignments from below using the same company you choose for the previous assignments:

    a. Observation: Answer who (choose 1 stakeholder from your stakeholder map), when, where and why (describe why did you choose that stakeholder, time and place)?
    b. Focus Group: Which 6-7 people from the stakeholder maps would you choose and why? Also come up with 5 questions you want to ask.
    c. Contextual Inquiry: Choose some features of the app and come up with a task to assign users during CI. Come up with 5 questions you would ask when the interviewee is finishing the task.
    d. Surveys: Following the tips provided, come up with 10 survey questions

Do we have to post the link to our self assessment somewhere in the UX channel? (I have already posted it to the self-assessment channel)

Hello @kavyar, no if its already in the self-assessment channel, you are all set.

ok thank you!