Modular-Internships - Join at

Application for the modular-internship program is now open. Acceptance is on a first-come first-served basis, with some spots reserved for partner schools and STEM-Away alumni.

Each project is architected as a collection of stand-alone modules (details at

Interested in joining in observer mode (full access to internship meetings and training materials) and active participation limited to one module.

Virtual-Internship teams work on the project as a whole. And this summer we are allowing interested folks to actively participate in select modules. Even though you will be working on a specific module and associated skills, you will get to experience the bigger picture by seeing how each module fits into the full project.

Further, participants of the modular-internship program will also get the opportunity to showcase their work during our end of session Junior Talent Demo Days / Recruitment-Hackathon Days.

Modules are defined by:

  • Parent Project
  • Description of work
  • Prerequisites/ Learning Resources
  • Starter code or other asset to keep the flow from the previous module
  • Tools and Libraries
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Badges
  • Challenges
  • Dates
  • Invited Experts

Modules include:

  • A mentor-led kick-off meeting
  • Optional formation of teams among modular-internship signups to develop collaboration skills
  • Office Hours to help with issues related to module tasks/ deliverables
  • Final presentation or other form of showcasing of significant achievements

Application link: Application Modular Internships Summer 2021

NOTE: We are no longer using the application form. You can self-register by joining the appropriate group at This will give you read/write access to all topics at 2021 Modular Internships - STEM-Away®.