Mode of submission for self-assessment + screening

  • A Google Form will be setup for each pathway

  • Shorter answers will be entered directly into the form

  • Longer answers will be entered via drive

Steps to use Google Drive:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your mentorchains account
  • Create a New Google Docs
  • Enter your answer
  • Click on File -> Share
  • Copy Link
  • Make sure the permission to view is set as shown in the image below
  • Enter link in Google Form


I am trying to make the steps crystal clear since there are a lot of new things happening. However, please note that these are extremely challenging college level internships. Do not expect this level of guidance during the internship.

Hi Aashi, if this is your pre-project, please share the link through the self-assessment form. Also, check the permission step from above.

I am deleting your post because once you set the permission to view, anyone will be able to see your answer. We want other applicants to come up with the answers on their own.


Hi Deb,

I have shared permission already. Thank you for deleting the link from the forum. Still trying to get savvy with the STEMaway platform

You are welcome! Takes time to figure out the platform. You will get savvy very soon :slight_smile:

Hi! Where can I find the recommendation system notebook on stemcast to compare my answers to. Thank you.

@bismaakram you can find the notebook in the presentation available at the following link