ML - Team 2 - 1st meeting on Jun 1

Hi team 2,

Check the meeting room friends
@Smits_Gupta @Xianbo_Gao @Carl @Dhrumil_Patel @afink @Harshavardhan @HikariDawn @myang30 @uzoman-22

Time: Jun 1, 2020 09:30 PM (GMT+2) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
EST: Jun 1, 2020 3:30 PM
Due to the request, we switch the meeting to google meet. See the updated room below

It would be nice if you join with video, then we can directly talk together (if you like)

write: yes if you can join
For later calls, please also schedule your calendar time and pick as many slots as you can

All the project related or communication platform will be discussed.
See you soon

Update for more friends
@Abdullah @Kevin_Yang @Akim_Borbuev @shahkushal97
@Saranoor @brandonc @alexc @Godbless_Chille @Rahooligan

Yes, I can join!

Yes, I can join!

Yes, I can join!

Yes, I can join.

Yes, I can join.

Yes I can join

yes i can join

Yes, I can join!

yes I can join


@shahkushal97 hey, the link for the meeting is here

Hi, has the meeting started? I’m just waiting to be let in.