Missed the initial meetings to setup account?

Or need any help to setup your email accounts? Or need help to access drive?

Please reply with: Pathway + Team Number

We will send you a message and set you up.

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I will host a meeting at 10 am PST today if more than 10 people need help with setting up email/ accessing drive. Please reply below if you would like to attend.

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Hi, I need help accessing the drive. I am doing the Bioinformatics pathway and am in team 4.

Hi, I need help with my e-mail. I am on the Machine Learning pathway and am in team 8. Thank you :slight_smile:

@ddas My complete team is having an issue with the google drive settings.
They are able to see the teams sub folder I created and shared with them but not the participants / observers folder that was created by shreyas in the original folder structure.

I belive the issue is that their email hasn’t been added to the participants/ observers group.

Can I take 15 mins of your time before the call you are scheduling as our team meet is scheduled at the same time. This would mean at 9:45am PDT

Sounds good @Vrinda_Jain. We can discuss/fix the issues and then you can convey to your team. Your debug seems correct to me.

Can’t believe we messed up in adding our ambassador! That badge may have put you in a different stemaway category that got missed. Try now. Am sending you a DM with password.

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Thank you so much Debaleena :smiley: <3!!

Hi, I am in ML Team 6, I have missed my initial team meeting however I did make the slack account and other essentials. I am following the webinars, I still need some guidance about the goals and the projects to expect in short term. Thank you.

Hi, I checked that you are in the correct groups in Gsuite: BI Team 4 and BI Participant.
Can you share a screenshot of the error you are getting? Make sure you are trying to access any link sent out by your team lead with your mentorchains email account.

If you prefer doing the debug via a meeting, hold on until we have around 10 people and I will send out a link to an office hour.

Hi, as long as you are setup with gmail + drive, slack, you will soon catch up with any information you missed.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Update after talking to @Vrinda:

Her team is able to access the team folder that she has created and shared. They are not able to access the initial FS Participant / FS Observer folders that were initially sent out. We are looking into that.

Hello! I missed the initial meeting.
I’m a part of Full Stack Team 3

Hi Aman, Checked your account & group, all looks good. Am sending you a DM with password. You should be all set after that to follow along with your group. Please reset password after accessing gmail.

Hi! I missed the meeting as well. I am in Bioinformatics Team 2. Thank you so much!

You are very welcome Ingrid. Have checked your account & group, all looks good. Have sent a DM with password.

Adding an answer to one common query:

mentorchains.com is a Gsuite Org which means that your email account will behave exactly like your regular personal gmail account (if you use gmail).

So, the starting point is:
Go to gmail.com and use your username@mentorchains.com to sign in.

Hello! My name is Nirupama Suravarjjala and I’m an observer in the ML Pathway, Team 7. I missed the meeting and need help setting up my account. Thanks so much for your help!

Hello, my name is Trisha Moorkoth and I am an observer in ML Team 5. I missed the initial meeting and I would greatly appreciate if someone could send me the details about setting up the mentorchains gmail account. Thank you!