Message from Team 1

@UX-Leads-Summer2020 Posting in this group to directly reach out to everyone!

Hi, everyone!

I hope everyone is having a productive time, and for those of you who are wrapping up, good luck. Our team needs your help with some STEM-Away specific questions. This is the last leg of their design, and your feedback would be critical. Please spare 10 minutes of your time to fill this survey here . We would all be very grateful. If possible, please forward this to your teams as well. :relaxed:

In addition, we are organizing two extra-curricular sessions- one on ‘How to build a UX Portfolio’ and another on ‘How to Be a Better Designer’ on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. If any teams and/or leads are interested in attending, feel free to let me or @ZoeyVu know. We will forward the invitations to you.

Have a great week ahead!


@UX-Leads-Summer2020 We are moving Tuesday ‘How to build a UX Portfolio’ session to Wednesday 11:30 am EDT. The Thursday ‘How to Be a Better Designer’ remains unchanged.

Let us know if you and your team would like to attend.