Mentorchains GSuite accounts have been created (Phase 2)

Phase 2 starts on 07/06 (start date of the July session)

Starting a little early. mentorchains emails have been issued to all students who filled in their usernames correctly in the Phase 1 step.

All information is covered here. Only the password was sent separately.

Please do not send me private messages. Ask your questions here. A lot of students have successfully accessed their mentorchains accounts. They can help with queries.

Nest steps for you:

  • Access your account. It is a Gsuite account. You can access your account using any mail client that supports gmail. Or just start with
    (username is your username on the platform)

  • Use the password that will be sent to you via a notification on this platform.

  • Update your password right away. We will do a check on 07/07 and remove accounts that do not have an updated password.

  • Add recovery email and phone right away. If you forget your password and do not have a recovery mechanism, it may take up to 4 days to have your password reset.

  • Please use your mentorchains email to access training material. Your mentorchains email will give you access to all material on the STEM-Away Gsuite drive. Links to training material will be shared on the forum.

Requesting your help: Please do not flood our admin mailbox with requests for access. All requests for access using personal emails will be denied.

  • Please use your mentorchains email to join meetings. Your mentorchains email will also give you access to all STEM-Away Google Meet events.

Requesting your help: Please do not disturb meetings by trying to join with personal emails, it triggers a popup box that the meeting host has to accept/deny. All requests will be denied. No outside person will be admitted.

First Assignment:

Adding a simple task to check that you can access the drive. Please add your top choice for pathway to the following spreadsheet:

If you were expecting to be added to the July 2020 Phase 2 (New Students) group but have not been added, please check the list below:


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Hi, how do we know if we have been added to the July 2020 Phase 1 group?

You have to check your group. In your case since you have posted on the forum, you can see the group title reflected under your username.

I noticed I am not in the group, but my user is not on the list?

The first group is only for students who are new to the platform. Working on a group for returning students. Will have it out soon!

Thank you for the clarification!

Click on the hamburg menu -> Groups to check your groups.


Hey ,I had applied for an observer role in entrepreneurship program in July (phase 2). I’m not in any group as of now .It would be great if you could confirm if I’ll be a part of this program or not because I haven’t received any email yet.

It looks like I’m in the July 2020 Phase 2 (New Students) group but not added to any other ones. I have also not heard back on whether I’ve been accepted to be an observer for a program, and I have not received any other information. Is there anything else I need to do on my part?
Thank you!


Please read this topic again: July 6th session (updated 06/20)

It is clearly stated when (and if) you will be added to a pathway. If there is any part of this topic that you do not understand, please ask specific questions and I will be happy to help.

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Hi just curious but is it too late to be added to Phase 2?

Hi, I am not sure but, I think you are already part of it because beside your username it says “July 2020 Phase 2 (New Students)” Also, you can check if you are part of the group by checking which group(s) you are part of by clicking on the hamburger menu and selecting groups.

Hi I was a participant in June ML session.I was curious is there a vacant technical lead position in ML July 6 session?

I apologize for the delay in replying, I did received your note earlier this week. Yes, I expect there to be spots. I will add you to the ML Leads channel where I am tracking potential leads.

Thanks so much for the opportunity @ddas

I have completed the tasks as per the prior email sent, but I have not received my mentorchains email and my username is not there on the additional usernames section. Please guide me as to what is to be done further:)

Thank you

Hey! To access your mentorchains account, you can head to and login with as the email id.

Thank you Kali for stepping in to answer questions!

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Thanks Akash for helping out!