Mentor Session Schedule

Mentor Sessions Schedule

Week of Meeting #1 Meeting #2
June 6th Overview Setup
June 13th Module 1 Q&A
June 20th Module 2 Q&A
June 27th Module 3 Q&A
July 4th - Q&A
July 11th Module 4 Q&A
July 18th Module 5 Q&A
July 25th Module 6 Q&A


  • All projects will follow the same schedule. Mentor sessions are scheduled to accommodate participants who are interested in multiple projects.

  • The instruction-centric session covering a module will be scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays. The Q&A-centric session will be scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays. Exact times of sessions will be published closer to the dates.

  • Q&A sessions will correspond to the target module of the week.

  • Career Exploration & Career Advancement projects for the same pathway will share common sessions.