Meet Benjamin, UX expert & entrepreneur, a STEM-Away® industry mentor

Benjamin is an Experience Researcher and Human Factors Specialist with a passion for improving our designed world through understanding people. Prior to founding Compass XD, Benjamin worked for UL-Wiklund, a premier human factors consulting firm, where he led and supported user research for products ranging from diabetes management apps to Hemodialysis machines. He has also worked on robotic surgery systems at Ximedica, and cloud software at Onshape.

Benjamin is well-versed in the spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research methods including user interviews, usability testing, contextual inquiry, mobile ethnography, card sorting, and surveys. He presented at the UXPA Boston conference on conducting ethnographic diary studies, a powerful method for gaining in-context insights from users over time. Benjamin holds an engineering degree from Brown University and UX certification from Bentley University.

Benjamin started Compass XD with the goal of offering strategically-scoped experience research services to clients across industries, without the overhead of large consulting firms. This is rooted in the belief that all product and service design—no matter how big the company or budget—should be human-centered and benefit from experience research!

Benjamin is a design thinker, team player, strong communicator, and champion for cross-disciplinary collaboration. In his free time, you’ll find him snowboarding in the mountains, traveling the world, making art, or paddle boarding!

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