Machine Learning_Level1_Self Assessments _Baishali Sow Mondal

Overview of things that I learned

Technical Area:

  • Learned more about overview concepts of Machine learning and some machine learning algorithms by watching the lecture videos
  • Learned more about fundamental ideas about NLP and some networks like Distributional Semantics,Linguistics problem,EBC etc.
  • Learning about web scraping and data mining


  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Bioinformatics
  • EBC

Soft Skills:

  • Being more prepared for machine learning and NLP as a whole
  • Get more familiar with how to explore Machine Learning in the field of Bioinformatics

Achievements and tasks:

  • Learned about concepts of Machine Learning and web scraping
  • Built virtual environment
  • Became more familiar with machine learning,NLP ,Bioinformatics, Biomedical field
  • Read the research paper and made journal tasks based on that paper